windows VPS hostingThe virtual private server (VPS) has all the features of the dedicated server but at a much lower price. This server acts independently as the personal or private server. The multiple virtual servers on a single physical server not only reduce the cost but also offer all the necessary bandwidth and web space for smooth running of your website in a most secured manner. Among the two types of virtual server hosting such as Linux and windows VPS, the latter is preferred because of its user-friendly GUI (graphical user Interface) features that do not need manual text commands to run the hosting server. Also the widespread use of Microsoft built or windows based applications including database packages and scripting languages makes this server a suitable choice.

The cheap windows VPS hosting offers to customize the hosting server according to the usages. The resources of the server can be increased or decreased as per the requirements. This helps you to effectively manage the load balancing of your web traffic at any point of time in a cost-effective way. Since the virtual servers are independent of each other, there is no chance of being affected by any neighboring server facing downtime due to the traffic overload or virus attack. Also, you get the root access to your server and can reboot the same at your convenience. The windows VPS hosting has another advantage of getting updated automatically with the available updates and there is no need to go for manual backup on a daily basis.

The windows VPS hosting India services is appreciated and adopted by the business enterprises around the world. These services have made the webmasters to successfully build the web presence to serve their customers in a virtual environment. The windows VPS India service providers offer managed services that make their clients free from regular maintenance of the server without charging anything extra. These hosts enable the webmasters to host multiple websites on the same virtual server for an efficient management.