Both Linux and windows platforms have some advantages depending upon the hosting needs. The windows server hosting is selected for the websites that use the Microsoft built applications. Also when your website needs frequent updating and works with new applications, then the widow server can be the right choice. The windows server hosting is suitable for the interactive websites like the social networking and blogging sites. The large websites containing heavy databases or multimedia and video files run smoothly with this hosting service. The windows server offers more user-friendly management techniques for your website than the Linux server.

Windows Server Hosting IndiaThe windows server hosting India providers manages the hosting servers regularly and updates these with the latest available options. So there is no need to manually build the back-up files. These hosting providers offer managed services that help their clients avoid expenditures for recruiting technical personnel or building the IT infrastructure to take care of the server functioning. The services provided by the Indian hosts are very easy to use and you do not need any specific technical background or to learn any new language.

The windows server hosting India enables you to create an administrative control panel that helps to add a personalized mailbox to send or receive emails at your own convenience. The windows hosting control panel allows the necessary modifications on the hosted website by adding, deleting and updating its content regularly to serve better.

The windows virtual server hosting is the preferred choice because it has the same features offered by the dedicated server but at much reduced prices. The multiple virtual servers on the same physical server reduce the cost drastically. Not only this hosting saves your money but also it is easier to maintain. You can personalize your virtual server and install desired software or application to efficiently run the website.